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distinguish two different "or" if question or not.

Háishì in question: = OR (ni he kafei haishi cha)

Háishì not in question = AS WELL AS (ta shi gongren haishi shengren)

Huò(zhè)  =  NEVER IN QUESTION  = OR  (Ni keyi xingqiwu huo xingqileo lai)

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so you are also a writer

Yuánlái nî háishi zuòjiä

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ch + "i"

c+ "i"

s+ "i"

sh+ "i"   How pronounced?


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he is not in the office and he is not in the meeting room

to bu zai bangongshi ye bu zai huiyishi

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it is better to / had better

hái shi ... ba

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we had better go home

women haishi huijia ba

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we had better stay in GZ

women haishi liu zai GZ ba

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I thought that ...., but actually turns out

Wo yîwéi .... yuánlai ....