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How many bits are in an IPv4 address?





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Which two parts are components of an IPv4 address? (Choose two.)

Missing False Answer:

  • broadcast portion
subnet portion

network portion

logical portion

host portion

physical portion

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What does the IP address represent?

network address

multicast address

host address

broadcast address

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What is the purpose of the subnet mask in conjunction with an IP address?

to uniquely identify a host on a network

to identify whether the address is public or private

to determine the subnet to which the host belongs

to mask the IP address to outsiders

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What subnet mask is represented by the slash notation /20?

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A message is sent to all hosts on a remote network. Which type of message is it?

limited broadcast


directed broadcast


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What are three characteristics of multicast transmission? (Choose three.)

Missing False Answer:

  • Multicast messages map lower layer addresses to upper layer addresses.
The source address of a multicast transmission is in the range of to

A single packet can be sent to a group of hosts.

Multicast transmission can be used by routers to exchange routing information.

The range of to is reserved to reach multicast groups on a local network.

Computers use multicast transmission to request IPv4 addresses.

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Which three IP addresses are private ? (Choose three.)

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