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Lizenzierung Keine Angabe     (Introduction to Law)
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What are the different fields of law ? (5)

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What is the difference between public law and private law ?

Public law deals with relations between the citizens and the state.

private law deals with mutual relations between citizens.

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What is the difference between substantive law and procedural law ?

Substantive law consists of rules that determine what people should do and that gave people rights.

Procedural law provides the rules for court procedures and for the organization of the judiciary.

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What is the relation between a rule, operative facts and legal effects ?

Rules attach legal effects to operative facts.

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Explain dynamic rules.

Dynamic rules add new facts to the occurrence of an event.

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Explain count-as rules.

Count-as rule bring about that some things count in the law as something else as well.

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Explain fact-to-fact rules.

Fact-to-fact rules attach the presence of one fact to the presence of some other fact.

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Are juridical acts legal effects?

Juridical acts give legal subjects the power to bring about legal effects intentionally.

Dynamic rules attach legal effects to the performance of a juridical act because the agent intended to bring about legal effects with this act.