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A Service Request is best defined as?

Every Incident not being a failure in the IT Infrastructure.

Every Incident that results in a failure in the IT Infrastructure.

Every Request for Infrastructure moves (e.g.. Office move)

Every Request for Information not pertaining to the IT Infrastructure.

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Error Control is carried out by which ITIL discipline?

Incident Management

Change Management

Problem Management

Configuration Management

Capacity Management

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You are a Change Manager for a large company. On Friday evening Problem Management submit an urgent RFC. There's been a failure within the infrastructure of the production CRM System and a Change is required urgently to resume the Service. As time is very limited which of the following Change activities might you for go?





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Service Support & Service Delivery are 2 of the 5 core books within ITIL. Which 3 of the following titles complete the core group ?

The Business Perspective

Application Management

Planning to Implement Security Management

Service Management

ICT Infrastructure Management

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Some well known methods of Service Desk charging include: (Select 3)

Service Entitlement

CPU Usage

Cost per Call

File store Usage

Time & Materials

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Which of the following Incident Management responsibilities is the Service Desk responsible for?

Incident Closure

Tracking & Communication

Incident Assignment

Incident Recording

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Of the following classifications, what are the 3 types of Technical models that should be considered when implementing a Service Desk?






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Within the realm of Security what do the letters C.I.A stand for,

Confidentiality, Intention, Analysis

Confidentiality, Integrity, Analysis

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

Confidentiality, Intention, Availability