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Lingua Franca

a language that is used for communication by people who do not share a common native language

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Minimal Pairs

words that differ in just one sound in the same position

e.g. hit, fit

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semantic transparency, meaning of the whole word can be deduced from the meaning of its parts

e.g. teapot

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opposite of transparent

e.g. breakfast <to break the fast>

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Blocked/Unique Morphemes

Certain morhpemes are used in one word-formation only {Mon-] in Monday {cran-] in cranberry

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Portmanteau morpheme

Whenevery an element of language contains the meaning of more that one morpheme but cannot be divided into different morphemes on a formal level, it's called portmanteau morpheme.

e.g. took combines {take} and {-D} but cannot be divided into two morphemes on a formal level

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productive morphemes:

{-er} for agentive nouns --> singer, dancer, teacher


unproductive/nonproductive morphemes:

{-the} for derivation Adj --> noun     length, width

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Perspectives within phonetics

1. articulatory phonetics: production of sounds, what to do in our mouth

2. acoustic phonetics: transmission of sounds, physica qualities e.g. volume, duration, frequency

3. auditory phonetics: perception of sounds, intake through the ear, processing in the brain