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International Business

International Business

International Business

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Tell me some reasons why to internationalize.

- Seek opportunities for growth through market diversification

- Earning higher margins and profits

- Gaining new ideas about products, services and business methods

- Better serve key customers that have relocated abroad

- Being closer to supply sources, benefit from global sources advantages

- Gaining access to lower-cost or better-value factors of production

- Develop economies of scale in sourcing, production, marketing and R&D

- Confront international competitors more effectively or to avoid the high competition in the home market

- Invest in potentially rewarding relationships with a foreign partner

Which are the 4 risks in international business

- Country Risks

- Currency (Financial) Risks

- Cross cultural risks

- Commercial risks


Can you specify cross-cultural risks?

- Cultural differences

- Different negotiaton patterns 

Can you specify commercial risks?

- Weak partner

- Competitive intensity 

- Timing of entry

Can you specify currency (financial) risks?

- Inflationary and transfer pricing

- Foreign taxation

- Losses because of exchange rates

Can you specify country risks?

- Unstable political system

- Bureaucracy

- Unfavourable laws and regulations for foreign firms

- Corruption

- Government intervention

What is the Uppsala Model?

What is the Network Model?