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A customer with a SOHO requires fast, secure, cost-effective access to the Internet. Which of the

following would be the MOST appropriate solution? (Select TWO).

A. OC3 line with built-in firewall

B. DS3 line with a separate firewall

C. Cable modem with a separate firewall

D. Dial-up modem with separate firewall

E. DSL router with firewall capabilities

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A NAS appliance has had a failed NIC replaced. Now the NAS appliance is no longer visible on

the network. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?

A. The network cable connecting the NAS to the network switch is bad.

B. The network port that the appliance is connected to is assigned to the wrong VLAN

C. Port security on the Ethernet switch has disabled the port.

D. Firewall needs to be updated for the new NAS device.

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Ann, a client, shares half of a rectangular floor plan with another company and wishes to set up a

secure wireless network. The installed antenna limits the signal to her half of the floor. Through

analysis, the frequency and channels of surrounding wireless networks have been determined and

configuration changes made accordingly. Which of the following would be the NEXT step in setting

up this secure wireless network?

A. Decrease signal strength on the antenna

B. Change the wireless channel on the WAP

C. Change the device placement to further obfuscate the signal

D. Set up encryption on the WAP and clients

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A network administrator is adding 24 - 802.3af class 2 VoIP phones and needs to purchase a

single PoE switch to power the phones. Which of the following is the MINIMUM PoE dedicated

wattage the switch supports to power all of the phones at full power?

A. 96W

B. 168W

C. 240W

D. 369.6W

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A network consultant arrives at a customer’s site to troubleshoot their email server. The server is

running a Linux operating system, but the consultant is only familiar with Windows operating

systems. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the consultant take?

A. Document findings

B. Identify the problem

C. Escalate the problem

D. Establish a plan of action

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Users have been stating that they need to logon to too many applications and web apps with

different credentials that use different rule sets. Which of the following would BEST address these


A. Alter the domain account login policies to reflect the most common application rule sets.

B. Ensure that the user accounts are properly configured in domain services

C. Implement a software solution that facilitates single sign-on authentication.

D. Increase the time between mandatory password changes by a factor of three.

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A Linux-based workstation is unable to connect to an IP printer on the same network segment.

The printer IP address settings have been verified. How would a network technician verify IP

address settings on the Linux-based workstation?

A. Run the dig command on the workstation.

B. Run the nslookup command on the workstation.

C. Run the ipconfig command on the workstation.

D. Run the ifconfig command on the workstation.

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A small business owner is setting up a SOHO office. The business owner needs one device that

will allow for Internet access, trunk VLANs, translate multiple private IP addresses into public IP

addresses, and filter packets. Which of the following network devices will allow for all functions?

A. A VPN concentrator

B. A switch

C. A router

D. A firewall