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Male Applicant Versus Female Applicant

Male - are there any additions to your name such as Jr., Sr., I, II, or III

Female - is this your maiden name; if no, what is your maiden name?

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Social Security

Do you have a social security number?

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What is your place of birth?


-Are you a citizen of the US?

- How did you obtain your citizenship?


- What country are you a citizen of?

- Do you have an Alien Registration Card?

- What is the date of issue?

- What is the expiration date?

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What is your date of birth (if over 27)?

Are you a registered voter?

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- What is your present marital status?

- Is your spouse military?

- Do you have, or have you ever had any children?

- How many?

- Do you have custody of the child(ren)?

- Who has custody? How did they obtain custody?

- Is anyone else dependent on you for support?

- Do you expect any changes in your marital or dependeny status in the next 12 months?

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Conscientous Objector

A conscientous objector is an individual with a firm, fixed and sincere objection to the participation in war in any form or to the performance of military service because of religious training or beliefs. Does this statement describe you?

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- What is your present height and weight?

- Are you currently being seen, or have you ever been seen by a doctor for anything other than normal childhood illnesses?

- Have you ever, or are you currently taking any medications?

- Do you have any tattoos, piercings, or body modifcations? (how many and what is the nature of the tattoo)

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- I am about to ask you questions regarding past use of illegal drugs. Have you ever used, possessed, sold or transported any illegal drugs to include marijuana?

- What was the drug?

- What did you do with the drug?

- How many times?

- When was the last time?

- Are there any other drugs?