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HRM covers

(1)functions and activities of the HRM department of any organisation


(2) the duty of any line managers including the CEO to manage his or her personnel.

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Key functions

(1)planning, recruiting, selecting

(2)developing (soft skills)



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HRM principles are

-Mbo (Management by objective)

-360° feedback (two way)



-team development

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The nature of the employment relationship


Pay for work


“Social norms”, influence employees actions in the workplace


Common Law and statutory rights


Commitment and motivation = high performance (love the company)

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Eight Challenges for HRM


-Value chain for Business competitiveness and HR services

-Profitability through cost and growth

-Capability focus

-change and some more


-Attracting, retaining and measuring competence and intellectual capital

-Turnaround is not transformation

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Line Managers goals

-Understand organizational capability as an essential source of competitiveness

-Participate in the process of designing competitive organizations

-See the organizational implications of competitive challenges

-Dedicate time and energy to organizational capability

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HR professionals must achieve the following

-See HR issues as part of a competitive business equation

-Articulate why HR matters in business terms, starting with business value

-Talk comfortably about how competitive challenges dictate HR activities

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What is Strategic Human Resource Management?

Strategic HRM is the interface between HRM and Strategic Management