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History of Migration in Australia

A history of Migration in Australia from Federation

A history of Migration in Australia from Federation

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Which four Acts contributed to the 'White Australia Policy"?

Immigration restriction Act 1901, Pacific Island Labourers Act 1901, Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902, Naturalisation Act 1902

Which Asian group was the focus on in the 19th Century?

the Chinese

What were two noteworthy Anti-Chinese riots in the 19th Century?

Buckland River Massacre 1857, LAMBING FLATS RIOTS 1861

What test was designed to prohibit entry to non-whites and those not of British Character?

Dictation Test

What were two motives for Immigration Restriction?

Racial and Economic

What did the dictation test consist of?

50 word passage in any European language

When was the dictation test removed and how many times was it used?

1958, less than 2000 times

Who was Egon Kisch and what was his significance?

Exiled from Germany of opposing Nazism. Passed test in several languages. Failed when tested in Scottish Gaelic.