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In order to do just that

In order to do just that my guests have found it helpful if I ask a few questions and take some notes. Would you mind if we get started?

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Here is how its going to be different

Here is how it is going to be different. We are going to: 

 1.Provide all the information you need consistent with your research

  2. Help you find a car based on your personal needs

   3. present you with transparent car buying options

    4. have respect for your time and do all these things as    quickly as possible



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Through customer feedback

Through customer feedback and reviews we have identified what customers like and dislike about car buying

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You are going to find

You are going to find your experience here at Prime Acura refreshing in comparison to what you may have encountered at other dealerships.

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Is this your first...

Is this your first vist to a Prime dealership and are you here to see someone in particular?

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Welcome to

Welcome to Prime Acura. My name is Joe, and you are?