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Service model: general

provides a defined service to a defined user community

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Service model: stages

1. Who are the users?

2. What decisions do the users need to make and how frequently?

3. What information is needed to support these decisions? (maps, tables answers to queries, sketches,...)

4. What data are needed? (layers, resolution, accuracy, how current,...)

5. What procedures will need to be exectured on the data to create the information? (display map, complex simulation modeling, tools,..)

6. Are the users satisfied?

7. What about long-term maintenance

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Discovery model: general

uses GIS to add to body of scientific knowledge (see also data

exploration in geovisualization)

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Discovery model: stages

1. Area of science?

2. What is it we do not know?

3. What are the methods? (visual, tabulation, relationships,...)

4. Change the question?

5. Generalize?

6. New Questions?

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GIS Architectures: Single user

* ArcGIS: interface customized?

* results communicated to ultimate users

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GIS Architectures: Multiple users

* client-server

* Web service

* ArcGIS for Server (http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/arcgisserver/index.html)

* customized interface (limited functionality, programming required);

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Golden Rules of Project Management

o Projects must be completed on time, within budget, and according to quality standards.

o You will be responsible for the work of others. Make sure they are competent.

o Uncertainty of many kinds exists: you have to live with it but agree how much is acceptable

o Have fun doing it and celebrate success!

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GI Assets: commercialization

* most software and data is charged-for

* GIS generates large revenues and costs

* Linking data together can generate added value