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The declination of the sun is defined as

The angular distance of the sun north or south of the celestial equator.

The arc from the celestial horizon to the sun measured along a vertical line perpendicular on the horizon.

The arc of the meridian of the sun measured from the nearest pole to the sun.

The arc along the celestial sphere from zenith to the sun.

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By the term "transit" of a heavenly body it is understood that:

the body is passing the meridian of the observer or another specified meridian

the body is passing the anti meridian of the observer

the body is moving

the body is at the same celestial meridian as another body

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Which is the highest latitude listed below at which the sun will rise above the horizon and set every day?

66,5 Grad
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Observed from a position on the surface of the Earth the heavenly bodies seems to

move from east to west

move from east to west on the northern hemisphere

move from west to east on the southern hemisphere

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Above what latitude is the sun in zenith at the spring equinox on the northern hemisphere?

The Equator

N 66° 33'

N 23° 27'

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The term "Sidereal Hour Angle" (SHA) is used

to define the position of a star on the celestial sphere without reference to Earth co-ordinates

to describe the time interval between two successive transits of the real apparent sun at the same meridian

to describe the position of a star with reference to the moon

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Assuming mid-latitudes (40° to 50°N/S). At which time of year is the relationship between the length of day and night, as well as the rate of change of declination of the sun, changing at the greatest rate?

Spring equinox and autumn equinox

Summer solstice and spring equinox

Winter solstice and autumn equinox

Summer solstice and winter solstice

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The sun's declination is

The sun's position relative to the plane of the Equator

The angular distance between the sun and the celestial North Pole

The distance between the sun and the horizon

The sun's position relative to the ecliptic