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EBO4 Part in Exam

EBO4 Part in Exam

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If we want to           our business, we will need to borrow heavily.

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In the booming 1990 Marconi went on a ______ spree to buy up various telco equipment companies.


Our company specialises in            management which refers to the professional management of investments such as stocks, bonds and real estate.

asset management   (Vermögensverwaltung)

Instead of keeping huge numbers of books in stock, publishers now offer to print them on           .


Many banks do not have an "optimal" currency mix. A            in point is Japan, which is believed to hold up to 85% of its reserves in dollar-denominated assets.

case in point   (Paradebeispiel, typisches Beispiel)

When recruiting an external consultant, a company should write a            for the consultant describing the core activities of the organization.

brief   (

What promotional events will you organise bearing in mind the _____ market?


Observers say Indian companies are ready to accept a lower _____ of return than western companies in order to secure a strategic asset.