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Learn which verbs use infinitive and which ing-form.

Learn which verbs use infinitive and which ing-form.

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(don't) mind doing sth

Frank doesn't mind telling you the story again.

nichts dagegen haben

can afford to do sth

I can't afford to buy it.

sich leisten können

can't bear to do sth OR doing sth

I can't bear to wait any longer. OR

I can't bear waiting any longer.

nicht ertragen können

can't stand to do sth OR can't stand doing sth

I can't stand to wait in long lines. OR

I can't stand waiting in long lines.

nicht ausstehen können

don't care much for doing sth

Mary doesn't care much for swimming.

nichts sagen

to (quite) like doing sth

Sally quite likes eating Chinese food.

(ziemlich) mögen

to adore doing sth

Roger adores skiing.


to advise doing sth OR to advise sb to do sth

She advised waiting until tomorrow. OR

She advised me to wait until tomorrow.