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Finger Food Kitchen Vocabulary EHL

All the vocabulary from the Finger Food Kitchen Workshop at EHL

All the vocabulary from the Finger Food Kitchen Workshop at EHL

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A seasoned mixture of beaten eggs in which food products are dipped before breadcrumbing


Cold preparation based on jelly served as an "hors d'oeuvre"


Cook in a bain-marie or double boiler: cooking technique used for delicate preparations that cannot be in direct contact with heat sources, e.g. scrambled eggs, sponge cake, baked eggs, etc


To wrap or cover a piece of poultry, game or meat with a thin layer of pork lard to prevent it from drying while cooking

Bouquet garni

Parsley stalks, thyme and bay leaves tied together securely and sometimes accompanied by celery or leek according to use

Caramelized roasting juices

Hydrolyzed proteins and caramelized carbohydrates collected from the cooking container, deglazed and used to prepare juices and sauces


A fine linen mesh used to pass sauces or cream preparations to make them perfectly smooth


A 2 to 3 cm thick slice cut straight through a round fish, e.g. salmon, coley, cod