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Anderson Study

- Draw cartoon scripts of particular activities (ex: taking a trip over spring break, blood donation)

- Independent Variable1: Self vs. Best Friend vs. Disliked Person (who's the main characterin the cartoon?)

- Independent Variable 2: Positive (character did do the activity in the end) vs. Negative (didn't do activity in the end) 

- Independent Variable 3: 3 vs. 2 vs. 1

- Dependent Variable: Change in behavioral intention (would you perform in these activities?)

- Picture: Focus on the "Self" line. r=.123. Most likely to engage in these activities.

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Social Approach to Recent Mass Shootings


- Bullying undermines a fundemental human motive.

  • To fit in. Ex: Solomon Ash confederates study)

- Study: Ostracism (being excluded) by Williams (2000)

  • Cyberball Task
  • Independent Variable: Ostracism vs. Inclusion
  • Dependent Variable: Belongingness vs. Self-Esteem
  • 1st Picture: Each square represents a person. They pass a ball to eachother. Inclusion: the ball is passed to everyone. Ostracism: not passed to the bottom person.

- 2nd Picture: Is there any evidence that school shooters were bullied?

  • 1st circle: Were they a loner? (not really the case). Ex: Eric & Dylan felt like loners even though they had eachother.
  • 2nd circle: Were they bullied? (most showed signs of being bullied).
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Interview with Marilyn Manson

- About the Columbine Shooters

- Society was blaming Marilyn Manson

- There was evidence that Eric Harris was the leader, more nacissistic.

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Terror Management Theory and Fame

- Greenberg (2010)

- Symbolic Immortality: will leave a mark on society after death

- Independent Variable: Mortality Salience (thinking about death) vs. Control Condition (not thinking about death)

- Dependent Variable: "How much would you like to become a famous person?" 

- Fame is indeed a motive for a number of the shooters. 

  • Eric & Dylan: "Directors will be fighting over this story". They thought they were going to leave a mark in society.
  • Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech Shooter-most deadliest: 32 people killed): Mailed "multimedia manifesto" to NBC News. "Thanks to you, I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and defenseless people." 
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Alex Teves & Conclusion

- Was a friend of Professor Weise

- Was killed by James Holmes in a Colorado movie theatre shooting. 12 people killed.

- His parents said to not show the shooter's name or pictures in the media.


- Conclusion: It takes a lot of things to make school shooters. Shooters are rare.