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English vocabulary unit 16

materials and the built environment

materials and the built environment

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construct v

We plan to construct a new bridge across the river.

bauen, errichten

district n

It's quite a nice district to live in.

Bezirk, (Stadt)Viertel

dwell v

It's quite a nice district to live in.

leben, wohnen, hausen

inner city n

There's some very interesting music coming out of the inner city these days.


occupy v

Patients with minor illnesses are occupying beds that are needed for serious cases.


populate v

Luckily, the fire didn't spread to populated areas.

besiedeln (hier: besiedeltes Gebiet)

suburban adj

Many people would love to live in suburban areas but can't afford it.


surroundings n

I wish I lived in more pleasant surroundings.