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In this method, grammar rules are presented first, which means that this approach is ________?

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The audioluingual  method is based on the behaviourist idea that language learning equals __________.

habit formation
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According to cameron, why is the use of stories appropriate in primary FLT?

Rich and authentic language, imagination attracts children
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In his Studiy, that was published 1989, Elley suggested that illustrated storybooks can support word growth in the L1 of up to 40 % of the vocabulary is explained. Y or N?

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The literate Device that describes a state where the reader knows more than the character of a story is called __________

dramatic irony
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Are the following relevant questions when choosing a story to promote language learning according to cameron?


Is the text a prototypical story?

Is there any grammatical feature that should be taught as part of the curriculum?

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Name the three stages of storybook sessions as suggested by cameron. Give examples for each

Preparartion Activity ( brainstroming words, predicting storyline on the base of pictures)

Core activity (teacher reads or retells story, children listen and watch)

Follow up activity (drawing a picture and talk about it, writing down individual words, roel play, miming actions, singing)

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Rank the Following activities according to theit level of difficultiy (1-4), start with the easiest.

Listen and repeat

Role Play

Memory Game (If i went to the market)

Listen and copy actions

1 Listen and copy actions

2 Listen and repeat

3 Memory Game (If i went to the market)

4 Role Play