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to act in a particular way as a direct result of something else.


The judge reacted angrily to the suggestion that it hadn't been a fair trial.

To enroll; a list


The librarian made a register of the new books

It is not possible to register for the course unless you are a full-time student

when you depend on or trust in something or someone


The region's reliance on tourism is unwise.

to need a particular thing or the help and support of someone or something in order to continue, to work correctly, or to succeed:

Rely on sb/sth

The success of this project relies on everyone making an effort.

to take something or someone away from somewhere, or off something.


The men came to remove the rubbish from the backyard.

a model or a diagram, an abstract, a concept of something


The scheme also includes detailed instructions on land restoration.


progression, chronology


The flowers mature in sequence, starting with the oldest at the top.

These enclaves do show a sequential change in shell shape from exposed to sheltered sites.

For something (often abstract) to change or move


Public opinion had shifted sharply to the left following the war.