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Englisch, YW 4, Unit 4

Vocabulary Trainer Unit 4

Vocabulary Trainer Unit 4

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Do you sometimes _________  of your first trip to a city alone? These tips will bring your holiday closer.


These are ______  ___  _________ instructions on how to plan your trip. Decide on where you want to go to. First of all you will need a place to sleep. (Schritt für Schritt)

step by step

_________ you go, call the local ______  ______ to see if they have a room for you. These are great places for young travellers and much cheaper than a hotel. (vorher, zuvor) / (Jugendherberge)


Before / Youth Hostel

When you ________ , you first need to _______  __ at the front desk. They will also be able to tell you what to do while you are there.   (ankommen) / (einchecken)

arrive / check in

These are the easiest ways to get to your destination:

You can take the train or you can travel __  _______ . (mit dem Car / Reisebus)

by coach

Sometimes you can book _________ _____ where you can travel together with a group. (Sonderfahrten)

special trips

When you are in another town or country, go to the ______  _________  _______ to find out where you can go. (Touristeninformation)

tourist information office

They can tell you about all the local _______ ________ . (Touristenattraktionen)

tourist attractions