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  1. What are the countries which form the United Kingdom?

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

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  1. Since when has the United Kingdom had its current borders?Si

Since 1920

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What event caused this most recent change to the borders of the United Kingdom?

Government of Ireland Act (1920)


was the Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which partitioned Ireland. The Act's long title was "An Act to provide for the better government of Ireland"; it is also known as the Fourth Home Rule Bill.

The Act was intended to establish separate Home Rule institutions within two new subdivisions of Ireland: the six north-eastern counties were to form "Northern Ireland", while the larger part of the country was to form "Southern Ireland".

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Which country in the United Kingdom has its own legal system? 


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  1. How and when did Scotland become part of the United Kingdom?

1707: Act of Union as a Scot inherited the English throne (Scotland & England)

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  1. How many elements does Parliament consist of and what are they?

3 different elements: The Monarch, House of Lords, House of Commons

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How long does 1 Parliament last?

 5 years

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How long does 1 parliamentary session last?

One year