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Present Simple

Permanent things

talk about live; world

facts about ourselve and world, fixed routines, feelings, thoughts and senses, plots of books, films...., instructions, directions

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Present Continous

Temporary Things

describe new or temporary situations

things happening at the moment of speak, things happening around us, changing situations, "now, these days, at the moment", temporary routines

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Past Simple

historical events, experience during a particular period of time

finished time periods, short events, long events, states, repeated events

(four years; on holiday)

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Past Continous

describe background to past events

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Relative clauses

Relative clauses identify which person or thing we are talking about. They make it possible to give more information about the person or thing.

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The boy has gone to the beach.

Which boy?

The boy who lives next door has gone to the beach.

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The book is very good.

which book?

The book that I bought yesterday is very good.

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There is a photo of the hotel.

Which hotel?

There is a photo of the hotel where we stayed.