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Fenster schliessen
a group of people you know who you can ask for help in your work or contact to exchange information
network of contacts
Fenster schliessen
a period of working time during which people are available at any time when they are needed, especially in an emergency
on-call shift
Fenster schliessen
shocking, unusual or strange, not acceptable
Fenster schliessen
give sb another person's telephone number or address so they can contact them
put sb in touch
Fenster schliessen
the amount of money a person says they will chrage to do a piece of work
Fenster schliessen
a very enthusiastic article in a newspaper or magaine about an event, person, book
rave review
Fenster schliessen
able to be trusted because seen as honest and providing a good service
Fenster schliessen
to give up your position in a company or organization by informing your employer
Fenster schliessen
a shop or business from which the public can buy goods
Fenster schliessen
the amount of profit you receive from sth you have invested in
return on investment
Fenster schliessen
a social event or party for a group of people who haven't seen each other for a long period of time
Fenster schliessen
stupid or silly, deserving to be laughed at
Fenster schliessen
a two-wheeled light vehicle that has a small engine or is ridden using one's foot to push it forward
Fenster schliessen
a person who owns shares in a company or a business
Fenster schliessen
a typoe of lawyer in Britain who prepares documents on legal subjects and gives people advice on legal matters
Fenster schliessen
a financial investment in a company or business
Fenster schliessen
money available to be used to start a new business
start-up capital
Fenster schliessen
the activity of making a list of all the goods or materials owned by a complany or available in a store at a particular time
stock taking
Fenster schliessen
to work hard or fight to do or get sth which is difficult
Fenster schliessen
to clean or clear the floor or ground with a broom
Fenster schliessen
word to describe when there is not enough of sth, e.g. money, time etc.
Fenster schliessen
completely, absolutely
Fenster schliessen
difficult, hard to handle
Fenster schliessen
the amount of busniess that a company does during a particular period of time
Fenster schliessen
a person or complany that invests money in a new company, especially one that involves risk
venture capitalist
Fenster schliessen

able to work as planned, able to succeed