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Fenster schliessen
completely, used before an adj. Or verb to make the meaning stronger
Fenster schliessen
a type of bread which is small and shaped like a ring
Fenster schliessen
to receive something, such as money, with the intention of returning it to them after a period of time
Fenster schliessen
to agree to do sth that someone else wants you to do
bow to
Fenster schliessen
to begin to do sth different from what you normally do, especially at work
branch out
Fenster schliessen
an investor who helps somebody else's small businesses get started
business angel
Fenster schliessen
a description of how the different parts of a business will work together successfully to make money
business model
Fenster schliessen
a document describing how a business will get the money it needs to operate and ho it will make money in future
business plan