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Fermer la fenêtre
sth you do to help or support sb an act of kindness
Fermer la fenêtre
an amount of money paid to have a service or join an organization
Fermer la fenêtre
support in the form of money given to aperson to help him them do sth
financial backing
Fermer la fenêtre
an opportunity for aproduct to be sold or a service to be offered which doies not already exist
gap in the market
Fermer la fenêtre
to bring sb into your team or get them to be part of a project
get (sb) on board
Fermer la fenêtre
to make shares available on a stock market for the first time
go public
Fermer la fenêtre
changing or happening slowly over a period of time
Fermer la fenêtre
to agree to do what sb wants or to give them what they want