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Fenster schliessen
completely, used before an adj. Or verb to make the meaning stronger
Fenster schliessen
a type of bread which is small and shaped like a ring
Fenster schliessen
to receive something, such as money, with the intention of returning it to them after a period of time
Fenster schliessen
to agree to do sth that someone else wants you to do
bow to
Fenster schliessen
to begin to do sth different from what you normally do, especially at work
branch out
Fenster schliessen
an investor who helps somebody else's small businesses get started
business angel
Fenster schliessen
a description of how the different parts of a business will work together successfully to make money
business model
Fenster schliessen
a document describing how a business will get the money it needs to operate and ho it will make money in future
business plan
Fenster schliessen
sth that can be folded so that it can be stored in a smaller place
Fenster schliessen
a person who regularly travels some distance between home and work each day
Fenster schliessen
in every way or as much as possible
Fenster schliessen
hard and crispy, makes a loud noise when you bite it or crush it
Fenster schliessen
a day on which you do not go to work because you have permission from your boss to be absent
day's leave
Fenster schliessen
to find or show how two things are different from each other
Fenster schliessen
a disadvantage or sth that is negative about a situation
Fenster schliessen
very, to a great degree
Fenster schliessen
sth you do to help or support sb an act of kindness
Fenster schliessen
an amount of money paid to have a service or join an organization
Fenster schliessen
support in the form of money given to aperson to help him them do sth
financial backing
Fenster schliessen
an opportunity for aproduct to be sold or a service to be offered which doies not already exist
gap in the market
Fenster schliessen
to bring sb into your team or get them to be part of a project
get (sb) on board
Fenster schliessen
to make shares available on a stock market for the first time
go public
Fenster schliessen
changing or happening slowly over a period of time
Fenster schliessen
to agree to do what sb wants or to give them what they want
Fenster schliessen
a person whose job it is to try to fill an open position in a company by finding sb who has the necessary skills to do it
head hunter
Fenster schliessen
full of activity, very fast and very busy
Fenster schliessen
to a great degree, extremely
Fenster schliessen
very, extremely, hard to believe
Fenster schliessen
agreement in which you pay a company regular amounts of money and in return they pay the costs if you have an accident,...
Fenster schliessen
an amount of meny that an organization, often a bank, lends to sb the money is paid back with interest