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ENG3 AT WS14/15 Gr.1

Vocabulary for the exam

Vocabulary for the exam

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to raise

  • lift or move to a higher position 
  • Deutsch: heben

to be for

  • be in favour of
  • Deutsch: für etwas stehen 

to carry on

  • continue sth.
  • Deutsch: fortfahren/weitermachen

keen on

  • would like to / like somebody in a romatic way
  • Deutsch: jemanden mögen

insist on

If someone insists on doing something, they say very firmly that they will do it, and they do it.

Deutsch: insistieren (darauf bestehen)


final Exam of the Secondary school / university entirance exam

Deutsch: Matura


Institution where you get your academic degree.

e.g.: University, FH,...

Deutsch: tertiäre Bildungseinrichtung (Universität, Fh,...)

preparatory course

When you have finished a preperatory course you can study at a University without the A-level, but you are restricted to one field of study.

Deutsch: Studienbefähigungslehrgang (SBL)