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City Upon A Hill: Puritan Model

- 1630: written extract from a Sermon

- Historic Background:  John Winthrop going to Massachussets, during colonial time, Puritans: persucated in Engand, turned their back on England, "chosen people" -> going to "promised land" by God (reference to Moses)

- City Upon A Hill from bible, meaning: "watched by the world", serves as a Model of Christian Charity

- Metaphor for American Exceptionalism, used in a lot political speeches

- Puritans' message was leading for American Nation

- idea of failure: part of speech, present until Reagan

- Idea of American Exceptionalism

City Upon A Hill: Jefferson (50th anniversary of Decleration Of Independence)

- before Civil War, shortly before Jefferson's death, died on the same day as John Adams

- too ill to attend anniversary, letter to Roger Weightman

- self-government: enable people to govern themselves

- "monkish ignorance and superstition" -> refers to religion, Jefferson critical of conventional Religions

American Civil War

1861 - 1865

- Southern Vs Northern States (Union)

- seven southern states declared secession

- origin: issue of slavery

- after war: slavery banned

- end of war: lincoln assassinated

City Upon A Hill: Gettysburg Adress

- Lincoln (16. Pres.) during civil War, at the site of one of the bloodiest battles

- Four score and seven years: 87 years (after America declared Independence in 1776)

- bringing the words of the Decleration of Independence into real life

- "all men created equal" -> Decleration (could refer to slavery, supported banning slavery)

- government of the people= self government

- hope

City Upon A Hill: Kennedy

- 1961, 10 days before he took off as president

- Historic Background: Cold War, western block vs. eastern block, economies emerge after World War ll, US vs. THEM Mentality

- Speech: All eyes on the new government he's forming, qualities: "men aware of their great trust, their great responsibilities"

- Idea of Responsibility + Trust

CIty Upon A Hill: Reagan

- Final speech

- Reagan = very religious

- adds "shining" to original quote -> optimism (no possibility of failure)

- refers to economic opportunity: commerce and creativity

- a lot of metaphors

City Upon A Hill: Obama

- Main Question: Could there be a president like a Obama in another country? -> American Exceptionalism, American Dream

Freedom: Slave Trade

- slave trade for aprox. 300 years

- only 4% of slave ships went to US

- majority of enslaved africans: Caribbean and Brazil

- Portugal = last country to abbolish slave trade

- used indigenous people first, got sick, crops very intensive work

- France abolishe slavery in 1848

- US in 1865