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2. The elements of the histone octamer in nucleosome is?

a. H2A

b. H3

c. H2B

d. H4

e. All of above

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3. Chromatin is composed of:

a. Histones

b. DNA

c. No histone proteins

d. All above are correct

e. A and B are correct

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  • 04.02.2021
    Mitochondria and SER

4. Which of the following is the site of steroid hormone synthesis?

a. Golgi complex

b. Free polyribosomes

c. Mitochondria

d. RER

e. SER

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5. Which of the following families of CAMs are generally involved in calcium dependent homotypic interaction?

CAMs . cellular adhesion molecules

a. Cadherins

b. Immunoglobulin

c. Integrins

d. Selectins

e. Elastins

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6. Which of the following is primarily responsible for the cell specificity?

a. Cholesterol

b. Glycoprotein

c. Peripheral membrane protein

d. Integral membrane protein

e. Phospholipid

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7. The asymmetry of cell membrane is established by:


a. The distribution of cholesterol

b. Membrane synthesis in the Golgi apparatus

c. Flipping phospholipids between the leaflets of the lipid bilayer

d. Presence of carbohydrates on the cytoplasmic bilayer

e. Membrane modification in the endoplasmic reticulum

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8. The Na+/K+ - ATP-ase is:


a. A form of peripheral protein

b. An example of primary passive transport

c. Contributing to the membrane potential

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

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9. What is located inside cilia?


a. Microfilament - is actin

b. Microtubule

c. Golgi apparatus

e. Ribosome

d. Mitochondria