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EAC2 MD-11 Glossary

Aviatik Studium ZHAW Winterthur 2.Semester Englischunterricht bei P.Kelly

Aviatik Studium ZHAW Winterthur 2.Semester Englischunterricht bei P.Kelly

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The part of the airplane located behind the wing centre box but in front of the tail cone.

rear or aft fuselage

Rotation of an aircraft about its lateral axis. OR the distance between the centres of the adjacent rivets installed in the same row.


The removable cover which encloses an aircraft engine.


The tail section of an airplane. It stabilizes the airplane in fight and causes it to rotate about its lateral axes. 


The fixed conical fairing centred in the exhaust stream immediately aft of the last-stage turbine wheel. It prevenets turbulence and prevents the hot gases from circulating over the rear face of the turbine wheel. 

The opening in the tail pipe of a gas turbine through which the exhaust gases leave the engine. 

engine cone

The configuration of an aircraft empennage in which the horizontal surfaces are on top of the vertical surfaces, in the form of a letter T.


The part of the airplane fuselage located in front of the wing centre box, includes the nose section.

forward fuselage

A part of a structure or machine whose primary purpose is to produce a smooth surface or a smooth junction where two surfaces join.