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_________ are a pair of white or longitudinal lines that mark where pedestrians are permitted to walk.

Stop lines

Walking lines

Pavement markings

Crosswalk lines

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_________ indicates the outside edge of the traffic lane, and may be crossed only by traffic moving to or from the shoulder.

Solid white line

Broken white line

Broken yellow line

Solid yellow line

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_________ lane is intended to be used for passing slower vehicles, on multi-lane roads.

The center.

The shoulder.

The rightmost.

The leftmost.

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_________ occurs on wet roads when your front tires start to ride on water instead of the road.





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__________ are yellow and diamond-shaped, with black lettering or symbols.

Service signs

Regulatory signs

Warning signs

Destination signs

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______lines mean that passing is not allowed in either direction.

Solid double yellow

Broken yellow

One broken and one solid yellow

Broken white

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A broken yellow line alongside a solid yellow line indicates that:

Passing is permitted on the side of the broken line, but not on the side of the solid line.

Passing is permitted on both sides.

Passing is permitted on the side of the solid line, but not on the side of the broken line.

Passing is not permitted on both sides.

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A crash report must be filed if an IL driver is involved in an accident that results in death, personal injury, or property damage of at least ___________.