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The state of an organization (e.g. a country) that has not reached its maturity. It is often used to refer to economic underdevelopment (symptoms = lack of access to job opportunities, health care, drinkable water, food, education and housing).
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Developed countries' involvement in the developing world. The fact for former colonial powers to manage maintaining control of their former colonies.
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It refers to the undoing of colonialism. The term generally refers to the achievement of independence by the various Western colonies and protectorates in Asia and Africa following WWII.
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The development of a system of government in which the individual states of a country have control over their own affairs, but are controlled by a central government for national decisions.
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The fact of a powerful country increasing its influence over other countries through business, culture, etc.
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The desire by a group of people who share the same race, culture, language, etc. to form an independent country.
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A set of political and economic theories based on the belief that everyone has an equal right to a share of a country's wealth and that the government should own and control the main industries.