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Facts human nature is based on

1. human nature has unlimited desires

2. scarecity of economic resources

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factors of production

land, labour capital (capital goods, investment goods)

and entrepreneurial ability

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Problems that individuals and economy face

1) Individuals must decide how the spend their limited income to maximize their individual satisfaction

2) Economy deals with the allocation of limited resources

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Questions an economic system must answer

1. What/how much goods and services must be produced

2. How should they be produced

3. For whom should they be produced

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Def. Microeconomics

analyzes the operation of markets as a result of interactions between consumers and firms

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quantity of goods and services that consumers are willing and able to purchase

-consumer wants greatest amount of utility

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Law of demand

as the price of a product is reduced, the quantity demanded for the product will increase

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cause for a movement along the demand curve

change in price of good

(all other changes will shift the entire curve)