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Quality Mangament of Clinical Trial Center (CTC). What are the important subgroups of organization? 

Regulatory Affairs


Data Management & IT-Coordination

Project Management (Trial Unit and Phase-1-unit)


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Trials performed at the CTC. There is no difference between sponsored clinical research and investigator initiated research (ITT). ITT means investigator initiated trials which are performed with industry support (= sponsored trials).
Which trials are performed?

ITT and NCT (non-commercial trials)

epidemiological and observation trials

trials for medical devices

clinical trials in other areas (e.g. surgery)


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PHASE 1 = safety and toxicity.
The important questions adressed are: is dosage safe? How should drug be administered? How is the body affected?



healthy volunteers

10-50 participants

always symptomatic healthy volunteers

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PHASE II = therapeutic explorative. The important questions adressed are: Is the treatment working and how is the body affected?

proof of concept

dose optimizing

side effects

50-200 participants

there is no control group

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PHASE III = therapeutic confirmative. The most important question wich is addressed: Risk vs. benefit?


statistic significant group: 200-1000 participants

dose optimizing

control group

it is not trying to imitate real conditions

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PHASE IV = post marketing authorisation

first: approval by health authorities is required

long-term safety has to be assured

short-term safety has to be assured

focus is on effectivness


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Which are the types of clinical trials?

Treatment & Prevention

Screening & Diagnostics


Quality-of-life / supportive care

Palliative care

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Pre-Clinical development is the first stage in drug development. Which is true about it?

takes 3-4 years

one part: selection

one part: pre-clinic

takes 4-5 years

use in galenics, pharmacology and toxicology