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calendar rhythm method
fertile period determined after recording the length ofbeginning of the fertile period is estimated by subtracting 18 days from the length of the shortest cycle end of the fertile period is determined by subtracting 11 days from the length of the longest
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standard days method
modified form of the calendar rhythm method has fixed number of days of fertility for each cycle that is days 8 to 19 cycleBeads necklace can be used to track
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twoday method
based on monitoring and recording of cervical secretions. if she has secretions today or yesterday, she avoids sex/uses bc
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ovulation method aka Billings method and the Creighton model ovulation method
recognizing and interpreting the cyclic changes in amount and consistency of cervical mucus. spinnbarket.
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water resistant clear mucus in abundance stretched 50 or more centimeters indicates. Of maximum fertility sperm can survive
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self evaluation of cervical mucus can be highly accurate and can be useful diagnostically for any of the following purposes:
to alert the couple to the reestablishment of ovulation, to see anovulation cycles at any time, to assist couples in planning a pregnancy
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basal body temperature method
lowest body temperature of a healthy person taken immediately after waking and before getting out of bed usually varies from 36.2-36.3C during menses in for about 5 to 7 days afterwardsthen slight decrease in temp.
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symptothermal method
tool for the woman to gain fertility awareness Eshi tracks the physiological and psychological symptoms that mark the phases of her cycle