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chapter 8 Maternity

contraception and abortion

contraception and abortion

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intentional prevention of pregnancy during sexual intercourse

family planning

conscious decision on when to conceive or to avoid pregnancy throughout reproductive years

birth control

device and/or practice to decrease risk of conceiving or bearing offspring

informed consent

vital component in education of patient concerning contraception or sterilization

acronym braided

informed consent stands for benefits risks alternatives inquiries decisions explanations and documentation

factors affecting method contraceptive effectiveness

varies from couple to couple and depends on the properties of the method and characteristics of the user

name the factors affecting method contraceptive effectiveness

1. frequency of intercourse 2. motivation to prevent pregnancy 3. understanding of how to use the method 4. adherence to method 5. provision of short term or long term protection 6. likelihood of pregnancy for the individual woman 7. consistent use of it

what protects you against stis

barrier methods or condoms