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what is culture?

a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguished the organization from other organizations
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Six-box organizational model

Purpose: in which business are we in?

Structure: how do we divide the work?

Rewards: do all tasks have incentives?

Helpful mechanisms: have we adequate coordinating tchnologies?

Relationships: how do we manage conflicts among people?

Leadership: does someone keep the boxes in balance?

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7 S Framework

Structure: formal organizational design

Strategy: competive success

System: procedures

Style: actions of managers and other employees

Skills: crucial attributes - dominating capabilities

Subordinates goals: organizational vision


organization is determined by the consistency between the various elements that comprise the organization

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Star model



Process and lateral capability

Reward systems

People practise

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what are the different change roles?

Change initiator: identify the need of change, has the power, takes the change to the organization

change facilitator: assist the initiator, eases organizational changes

change implementer: takes actions to make change happen, implementation skills

change recipient: is affected by the change

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What are the OD characteristics?

Focuses on the social aspect of change

planned change

Lewin model:

stability --> esablish the need of change

change --> new behaviour through cognitive restructuring

stability --> integration of new behavior into social and organizational relationships

It embraces the whole organization

Groups and teams are key focus for change (not individuals)


Individual attitudes and behavioral patterns and competencies

Organizational culture and climate

Organizational communication structures and formal structures (in a wider sense such as working time, reward systems)

Long-term change (typically taking two or three years to achieve effective change) (no crisis management)

Involvement of a Change Agent

Intervention by experience-based learning and action research, as it helps to identify current behaviors and modifications that are needed

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what are the goals of the OD?

Striving for harmony between the following goals:

Humanisation of work (Humanisierung der Arbeit)

Increasing performance of the organization

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what are the values of the OD?

Humanistic values relate to openness, honesty, and integrity.

Democratic values relate to social justice, freedom of choice, and involvement

Developmental values relate to authenticity, growth, and self-realization.