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What are the level of change in lcmf?

Levels of change individual group company
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What are the explicit dimension of change in lcmf

Strategies and policies rules and regulations
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What are the implicit dimensions of change?

Politics and power motives and triggers values and norms expectations pattern and paths communication and intervientions rituals and myths events and stories
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What are the forms of intervention in lcmf

Shaping social processes management control
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Which syndrome explains the 70% of the failures?

the burnout syndrome: Excessive growth, uncontrolled change, autocratic leadership, excessive success culture
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which syndrome explains the 20% of the failures?

The premature aging syndrome: stagnating growth, tentative change, waek organizational leadership, lacking a success culture
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what is meant by the organization is mirrored in the logic of change?

when ie the logic of the organization is not allowing for mistakes and errors, the logic of change will be block creative ideas. The logic is reflected
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what are the four key factors of the logic of failure?

1. High growth rate2. Ability to change continuously3. Highly visionary company leadership4: Success-oriented company culture