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Change Management

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Kapitel 1 - 3

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Name 7 subjects of change

Name 7 specifications of a working process

• preliminary studies

• aims of the CRM project

• description of results shows necessary change

• visualisation of results (transformation-map)

• basic conditions of change (obstacles, conflicts)

• necessary skill development (know-how adjustment of staff members)

• survey of progress (target-performance comparison)

8 Princliples of Change Management

1. determination

2. no action without diagnosis

3. holistic approach

4. co-operation of the persons concerned

5. help them to help themselves

6. process-oriented controlling

7. attentive choice of key-players in the change process

8. active communication

What is a transformation map?

An image that answers the following question: what should the company look like after the realization of the project?

Name the 4 points of '4Change=Changement'

1. Describing change

2. Generating support

3. Establishing competence

4. Providing with energy

Hausschildt's Promoter model

Power Promoter/ Process Promoter and Technology Promoter over time of the Change Management

Name three different ways to communicate change

1. Bomb (all persons informed)

2. Trojan horse (start small, tell success, announce if succeeded)

3. Participation (step-by-step. Persons concerned become participants)

Name the 7 steps of change

1. Shock

2. Denial

3. Realisation

4. Acceptance

5. Testing (the new situation)

6. Understanding (which behavior leads to success or failure)

7. Integration (transformation into daily life)