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How can start up get ready for corporates? 7 

- Proof of business model

- Able to "sell themselves"

- What are the benefits

- Not enough the Idea/product

- All solutions

- IPs

- Professionalize

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How can Corporates get ready for start ups? 5

- Dedicated Teams

- "in charge" at top management

- Helping in reporting

- Helping in achieving challenges

- Develop platform competencies

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How is the Ecosystem between Corporate&StartUps? 3

- Fiscally intensive

- There are some matching institutions

- Fostering of start ups

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DSM example of how incumbents can renew over time.

DSM has transformed from a traditional chemical-based company to a specialist in Life Sciences and Materials Science.

“Innovation and Entrepreneurship are key elements of our strategy. They are the driving forces behind further growth and implementing sustainable changes in our organization”

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What are the strategic change that could affect the organizational DNA? 7

They require departure from the corporation’s proven business definition as well as its assumptions about what makes a business successful (i.e. they require forgetting)

They leverage some of the assets and capabilities of the corporation (i.e. they require borrowing)

They are not simply product line extensions, geographic expansions or technological improvements that enhance proven business

They target emerging and poorly defined industries

They are launched before any competitor proves itself 

They are highly potential for revenue growth

They require the development of new knowledge and capabilities

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6 Risks possible from organizational change?

Cannibalizing the existing customer base

Destroying and undermining the value of existing distribution networks

Compromising the quality of service offered to customers

Undermining the company’s image or reputation

Destroying the overall culture of the company

Legitimizing the new business; others may follow

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Which tendencies within organizations may make the development of new business activities to be rather difficult?

Isolation & Replication.

Replication can be not effective in a new innovative business but also can be a mistake to isolate and don't make any use of the synergies between NewCo and CoreCo

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Forgetting and Borrowing matrix regarding to strategic experiments.


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Govindarajan and Trimble 2005 - Organizational DNA for Strategic Innovation