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The length of common tangent of a compound horizontal curve is 520 m. D1 = 3°, l1 = 50°, l2 = 35°. Compute the radius of the second curve. 

1523.12 m

1301.25 m

912.12 m

1084.32 m

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Area of a given cross section is 31.7 m2. The road width is 10 m with side sloping to 2 horizontal to 1 vertical.

\({9.8\over2.4},{0\over x},{7.4\over1.2}\)

Compute the value of x.

3.12 m

2.64 m

2.31 m

1.12 m

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A car travelling at 65 mph sees an obstruction ahead. If the reaction distance covered is 72.2m. Compute the reaction time (PIEV).

2.484 s

3.152 s

4.152 s

5.142 s

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The distance form the middle of the curve to the point of intersection of tangents of a circular curve is 14.2 m. The radius of the curve is 200 m. Find the central angle.





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Lot ABCDEFA is a closed traverse in the form of regular hexagon. If the bearing of line A is N25°E, what is the bearing of line CD?





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Find the sum of coefficients of the expansion (a+b)6





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The cost of the machine is P 140 000 and has a useful life of 8 years. If the salvage value is P 10 000, find the depreciation during fourth year using Double Declining Balance Method. 

P 16 765.6

P 19 765.6

P 10 762.6

P 14 765.6

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What is the present worth of an annuity P2000 for 8 years if the first annual payment us at the end of 10 years? The rate of interest is 5% compounded annually. 

P6 454.63

P8 538.76

P7 231.12

P8 332.49