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Unit 3

Unit 3

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appreciate (verb)

appreciation (noun)

to recognize how good someone or something is and to value them schätzen

to cope with (verb)

to manage to do something in a difficult situation zurechtkommen

daily routine (phrase)

the things that you do every day at the same time Tagesablauf

drag (verb)

to make someone go with you when they do not want to schleppen

dump (verb)

to get rid of someone, often by going away from them abladen, mit jmd. Schluss machen

feed up (adj.)

to be fed up with

to be sick of

bored, annoyed or disappointed, especially by something you have experienced for too long die Nase voll haven von

forthcoming (adj)

going to happen soon bevorstehend

homeward (adj)

towards home heimwärts