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-This soft lighting really helps to ____ a romantic atmosphere.

-The council have decided to _____ a new position for a deputy mayor

-We need to _____ and educational system which gives equal opportunities to all.

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-There is no_____ whatsoever in my mind that this is the only course of action to take.

-If in _____, always go for the easy option.

-The evidence showed beyond any ______ that the accused was innocent.

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-The holiday may _____ much less relaxing than me anticipate.

-Sally's determined to _____ she has been right in her judgement.

-The trouble with his job is that you feel you have to _____ yourself all the time.

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-There was a _____ debate about the best way to tackle the issue.

-Despite _____ competition, Anderson won the contest with ease and style.

-The property was guarded by two ____ guard dogs.

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-I have to admit that modern music is not really to my _____.

-Everyone thought the speech was in very bad _____ and wholly unsuitable for the event.

-The trip to Syria was our first _____ of life in the Middle East.

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-I know for a _____ that something is going wrong at work.

-Everything comes to an end - that's a _____ of life.

-The trip was terrible- as a matter of ____.

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-There are times when I can't _____ going into college.

-The government has to _____up to the fact that they no longer have the poeple's support

-Let's _____ it, our chances of winning the lottery are very small indeed.

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-Our students have always taken a _____ interest in current affairs.

-The only person who is _____ on fish in my family is you

-My sister has a _____ eye for a bargain and loves going shopping.