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Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced

Unit 3

Unit 3

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the feeling that you have been successful in what you are trying to do

achievement (noun)

the possibility of getting a better and more important job in an organization

advancement (noun)

… is vertical promotion from a lower to a higher level

career ladder (noun)

to talk to someone in order to get information or advice

consult (verb)

the act / to give a particular job to someone else so that they do it for you

delegation (noun) / delegate (verb)

the feeling of not being satisfied with something

dissatisfaction (noun)

feeling confident and having the authority and freedom to do something (verb and noun)

empower (verb) / empowerment (noun)

a …… organization is one that is arranged according to people's importance (Noun and adjective)

hierarchy (noun) / hierarchical (adjective)