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Cashflow statement

shows cash inflows and outflows

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cash inflows and outflows

Money actually coming into and going out of a company in a particular period.

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Cashflow problems

A company can have this problem even if it is profitable.

for exemple: it it is paying suppliers more quickly than it is being paid by customers.

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credit terms


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credit period


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what types of cashflow there are?

Net cashflow form:

  • operation
  • investiment activities
  • financing activities
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Net cashflow from operations

is the money generated by the sales of the company's goods or services minus the money spent on suppliers, staff salries, etc. in the period.

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Net cashflow from investment activites

is the overall result of the inflows (=loans repaid and loan interest paid by borrowers; money received from sales of securites in ohter companies; sales of land, buildings and equipment) and outflows (=loans made to borrowers; purchases of securities in other companies; purchases of land, building and equipmemt)