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1. Tell me a little about yourself

I was born...

I grew up...

I went to the university in Germany...

Afterwards, I started my career at ...

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2. What are your strengths?

I believe my strongest trait is...

I've always been a great ...


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3. What are your weaknesses?

I feel my weakness is not being...

The weakest trait I struggle with is...


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4. What do you want to be doing five years from now?

In five years, I see myself as a valued employee of a company. I want to be an expert at my position and...

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5. What does success mean to you?

Success to me is knowing that my contributions positively impacted my company

Success means...

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6. What does failure mean to you?

I think to fail at something is making a mistake and not learning anything from it.

I think failure is not reaching your potential. If you do not use the resources you have and the resources around you, that's failure because the work or goal could have been done better.

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7. In what ways are you organized and disorganized?

I'm very organized with my time and work, but my desk is a little disorganized.


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8. How do you handle change?

I've experienced many changes previously. I handle the situation by quickly coming up to speed on the changes and applying myself to make them a success.

I've experienced...