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why is Vs less affected by pore fluids

they have no shear strength

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how does less compressible fluids affect the Vp/Vs ration (Poissons)?

less compressible fluids=higher Poissons

(no shear strength in fluid)

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4D effects of common production processes

water flood

gas injection

gas production

gas out of solution


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4D vs. 4C seismics


4D seismics = 3D surveys repeated a number of times   4C seismics = 4 components; i.e. 3 geophone and hydrophone (pressure)
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Primary changes in the reservoir during production of hydrocarbons


Pore pressure   Pore fluids (saturation, viscosity, compressibility, fluid type   Temperature (water flood, steam injection)
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Secondary changes in the reservoir during production of hydrocarbons


Compaction overburden stress porosity, fracturing chemical changes
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bulk modulus

(one word)


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how do porosity and bulk modulus affect how observeable a change in pore fluids is


Higher the porosity the greater the impact of fluid composition Stiffer the rock the more difficult it is to see the effects of fluid composition