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AVO stands for and is

Amplitude Vs Offest

analyses the effect of incidence angle on the seismic amplitude.

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What do Gassman's equations do?

They relate a materials resistance to compression (bulk modulus) to its compositional makeup .

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What do Gassmann's equations take into account?

the properties of the rocks matrix, pore space and pore fluids

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In order to allow the estimation of changes in seismic velocity that result from changes in pore fluid you neewd to.

Calculate the bulk modulus of a saturated rock.

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Bulk Modulus


resistance to compression

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Poisson’s Ratio

Vp/Vs or  σ

Measure of incompressibility

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How can we limit the possible values of rock properties resulting from the strucutre of the pore space

Use theory to estimate upper and lower bounds of the elastic moduli

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In order to simulate elastic media need to know


• Volume fractions of constituents • Elastic moduli of various constituents • Geometric details of relationships between constituents, how rock stuck together – rock frame