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A task consists of (source types)?

  • a task definition (TASK DEF): what the task does
  • a task template (TASK TEMPL): defines parameter list

Per task definition 1..n task templates.

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Which layers does the Report Writer have?

  • kernel layer: core programs to extract data from DB
  • task definition: interface between the other two layers; flat datamart (DDIC)
  • report definition: hierarchical datamart definition (REP DTM)
    • layout definition (5 types)
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Naming of flat datamarts?

  • dtm_obj_<obj_type>
  • dtm_doc_<transaction type>
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How can a flat datamart be found?

Like any other data dictionary: Task and Reporting Desk, keyword "data dict"

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Naming of hierarchical datamart (report datamart)?

  • Example: task_pos_list.acad$my_report
  • <task name>.<datamart name incl. NS>


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Another name for report datamart?

Hierarchical datamart

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Purpose of report datamart?

  • provide data for layout including consolidation (sorting and grouping) and aggregation (calculations like sum)
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Source type of hierarchical datamart?